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Jokes about football clubs

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The Pawn Shop

Walter Smith was passing a pawn shop one day just as Wim Jansen was coming out. The Celts manager was gleefully counting a large wad of money.
'Hi Wim,' said Smith, 'You're looking flush. Have you managed to sell a player?'
'Not this time Walter. I decided to raise a few bob by pawning the trophies.'
'Is that right? If you don't mind me asking, how much did you get?'
'Two hundred quid.'
Smith was impressed with this idea and its possible rewards so he came back to the pawn shop the next day with the contents of the Ibrox trophy room. He was rather disappointed to be offered only a hundred pounds for the lot.
'But I know for a fact that Wim Jansen was in here yesterday and you gave him double that!'
'True enough,' said the pawnbroker, 'But his were antiques.'




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