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Jokes about football clubs

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The Celtic Dog Fan

A Celtic fan wanders into a pub with his dog to watch his idols perform in a televised live match. He stands at the bar and his dog lies at his feet, also watching the TV screen. It's not Celtic's day and the Bhoys lose the match. As the final whistle goes and the commentator reads out the score, the dog starts barking wildly, leaping up and down and biting lumps out of the leg of the nearest bar stool. The barman watches this in astonishment then asks the Celts fan:
'Here, what's got inty your dug?'
The fan shrugs resignedly and replies:
'Well, he's Celtic-daft, that dug. He really does his nut when they get beat.'
'Is that a fact?' says the barman, 'And what does he get .up to when they win?'
'I don't know,' says the Celtic fan, 'I've only had him six months.'



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