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Jokes about football clubs

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Below The Belt

In a united bid to help stamp out sectarian bigotry, Rangers and Celtic arrange to have the Queen and the Pope invited to the Ne'erday Old Firm game. After the opening ceremonies, just as the game is about to begin, the Pope turns to the Queen, who is sitting at his side, and enquires:
'What would you say to a small side bet?'
'Sounds good to me,' replies the monarch, 'Do you mean on the score?'
'No, I mean on who can get the biggest cheer out of the crowd.'
'Okay, you're on.'
They agree the terms of the wager, then the Pope says,
'Right, watch this.'
He gets to his feet, turns to face the Celtic end and blesses the fans. The Hoops supporters go wild and give out a deafening roar. The Pope smiles, well satisfied, and says to the Queen,
'Let's see you beat that.'
The Queen shrugs nonchalantly, stands up and turns to face the Rangers end. Once she reckons she has got their attention she knees the Pope in the groin.



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