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Jokes about football clubs

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Room For More Rangers

Two Celtic fans were sitting in their local one Saturday afternoon watching the news on television while waiting for the classified results to come up. One got up to get the next round in. When he came back he was surprised to discover his pal gazing fixedly at the screen with tears in his eyes.
'What's the matter wi you?' he enquired.
'It was this item on the news,' the other Bhoy explained. They said a Rangers supporters' bus was in a smash on the motorway. It somersaulted three times, ended up on its roof, and everybody in it was kilt.'
'That's terrible, so it is. But hey, you're getting awful soft-hearted, aren't ye no? I've seen a time when you'd've been laughin at that, no greetin.'
'Well, the worst of it is,' said his pal, wiping away a tear, 'there were three empty seats on that bus.'


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