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Jokes about football clubs

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No Guard Outside

A well-known extortion racket is operated outside football grounds on match days by opportunistic wee boys who offer to 'watch your car' for a fee. Implied in the offer is the threat that damage to the vehicle may well result if the offer is declined. On one such occasion a fan was parking his car in a sidestreet near Parkhead when some tiny youths made the traditional approach. The fan turned the boys down, pointing to the large Rottweiler glaring from the back seat.
'Ah don't need any help tae mind ma motor wi Killer in it,' he boasted.
On his return to the car after the game he found that all of his tyres were flat. There was also a scrawled note tucked beneath his windscreen wiper. Snatching it up, to his chagrin, he read:
'If Kilur is so brilyent get him to blaw up yoor tires'


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